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Theology and Science – are not these opposites?

Introduction by Andreas Losch

To begin with, the common belief that theology and science are contradictory to each other, like fire and water, is a myth. The historical development and discussion of the two disciplines, even in the case of Galileo and Darwin, is much more complex and therefore more exciting than this view suggests. 



God and the Virus

Editorial by Andreas Losch

The new coronavirus variant SARS-CoV-2 is gripping the world. Borders are closing, economic activity has been forced to come to a halt for an uncertain period. The invisible enemy is transmitted easily and multiplies before its onset becomes apparent to the patient. This allows it to spread rapidly and particularly endangers the elderly and sick in our society. Not everyone has yet grasped the problem. The number of people infected is doubling every two to three days and we struggle to envisage this exponential growth. The number of sick people and deaths is clearly rising, but today’s figures only show the number of cases from several days ago. Health-care systems are threatened with overload. There are as yet no remedies, only testing possibilities, but too few of those.